Monday, January 21, 2008

'Sir Sachin' if Brown has his way'

                                          'Sir Sachin' if Brown has his way'

Sachin Tendulkar join the honoured ranks of Sir Don Bradman or Sir Gary Sobers? Well, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown certainly seems to think so. If he had his way, he would recommend the little master for a knighthood.

"I would like to see some of the great players of the modern era — like Sachin Tendulkar — proposed for honorary awards so the British nation can salute their achievements in these sports."

If Brown's remarks come true, we could be looking at the first Indian sports knight. In between courting trade and investment from India and China visiting British Prime Minister Gordon Brown showed where his heart really lay — at the WACA stadium in Perth.

Complimenting India on its test victory over Australia, Brown shed his normally grave countenance.

"I congratulate India on a famous victory - beating an Australian side who have won their last 16 games and doing so away from home."

England's long cricketing feud with Australia clearly fuelled Brown's enthusiasm for India's historic win. Cricket has long been one of the great binders of Indo-British ties. And until some time ago Commonwealth cricketers were honoured by the UK.

As Brown said, "I believe it was a good tradition to celebrate the achievements of the great Commonwealth cricketers. Obviously these are issues for the independent honours committee, but - hope they will consider it."
So we can hope to see a 'Sir Sachin'.

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