Sunday, January 13, 2008

Diet Alcohol: Get Drunk Quickly

New research findings show that alcoholic drinks combined with artificial sweeteners make you drunk quicker. It isn't advice - it's a warning.

The difference is substantial.

he stomach had emptied half of its contents in 15.3 minutes after the diet drink and 21.1 minutes with the sugar-sweetened drink. The peak blood alcohol concentration was significantly higher with the diet drink than with the regular drink. The blood alcohol concentration was also higher with the artificial sweetener than with the sugar-sweetened drink. This doesn't just apply to pre-made drinks. You could be combining alcohol with diet coke or tonic water - such as a sugar-free Red Bull and vodka.

The research (conducted at Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia) also raises interesting questions about sugar versus artificial sweeteners. The sugar-free versions may be much lower in calories, but they are entering the digestive system far more quickly.

Who knows what effect this might have on weight gain or loss? Of course it's an oxymoron - because alcohol keeps the liver very busy - no fat-burning can occur anyway - not to mention the diuretic effect.

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