Monday, January 14, 2008


RAJINI IN SULTAN THE WARRIOR[new trailer at the end of this page dont miss it]

Sivaji the boss
has became a 100% success last year.Its now Rajinikanth’s Daughters turn to play with her dad. Yeah you are right folks Rajinikanth’s daughter Soundarya is directing the film Sultan the Warrior.

Among the top news makers list of 2007, it is absolutely impossible not to mention Rajinikanth, an actor is worshipped for his acting skills by many people.

It’s not the endless publicity stunts and gimmicks that make him “The Boss”, however, it is his hundreds of fans who decide The Boss .

If there was one film that dominated 2007 with unprecedented pre-release hype and post-release success it had to be Sivaji.

Actor, superstar, legend and even God for cine-goers down south, Rajinikanth dominated headlines before and after the release of Sivaji...

However, this huge fan following comes without any planned promotional efforts, no television appearances and no press interviews. This massive hero-worshipping is all because of decades of style and charisma that’s intact in the actor and hundreds and thousands of die-hard fans.

Sivaji reportedly had the biggest opening in the history of Indian cinema and became the first South Indian film to figure in UK's Top 10 list.

however, an animated Rajini will be seen in his daughter's directorial debut as Sultan the Warrior. The movie is reported to be India's most expensive animation film till date and it is not without reason that even at 57 the milestones haven't stopped for Rajinikanth.


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